About Quentin

My name is Quentin Lumsden. I am the founder, publisher and editor of Chart Breakout, as well as Quantum Leap. I edited my first investment newsletter in 1970 and subsequently worked as a fund manager and financial journalist before returning to my first love, editing investment newsletters and analysing share charts. I became the editor of such publications as The Investors Chronicle Stockmarket Letter and The USM Investor before launching my own investment publishing business in 1984.

I actually bought my first stock while still at school, a stock which I chose myself. Naturally, I quickly discovered that shares can go down as well as up but over the years I have made more money from investing on my own behalf than I ever have from my business or from owning property even though I bought my first house in 1974.

In each issue of Chart Breakout I make the most of my long experience and understanding of charting techniques to bring subscribers the most promising stocks of the moment from a technical perspective. To see my analysis for yourself in the latest newsletter, and look back at previous copies in the online archive, sign up for a free 30 day trial here.